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Become a GAINShake affiliate and earn a 15% - 40% commission on every sale made with your link. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact Us below if you're interested.
  2. If you are approved, you'll receive an affiliate link to our products.
  3. Promote your affiliate link. You'll make up to a 40% commission every sale made with your link.
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Why 15% to 40% commission? Depending on engagement, we'll offer a starting commission in this range. This commision can increase up to 40% if your link performs well. This will be automatic, but feel free to contact us to request an increase.

How do I promote my GAINShake? We recommend promoting GAINShake on your social media profiles and websites. Promotions that do well typically follow your page's style. We recommend some sort of review or supplement mix. Feel free to tag us — TikTok @gainshake — Instagram @getgainshake

How do I get my GAINShake? We'll provide you with a discount code that you can use to purchase a GAINShake from our site. You'll receive the code after you contact us and are approved.

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